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Follo Platforms delivers high-performing Platform-as-a-service (PAAS) in the areas of enterprise messaging, customer follow up and engagement, bringing all your business communications into one manageable destination.


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With ARKA platform - a PAAS offering from Follo Platforms, you can automate customer engagement life-cycle management for increased security, tailored operational solutions, and portability. You can also standardize developer workflows and streamline delivery.
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With an aim to improve care continuity, and bring a difference in the field of healthcare, we have built Dr.follo, a MedTech service built on ARKA platform, which ensures seamless access to patient care continuity for doctors while leveraging clinically relevant contextual messaging AI. The service not only contributes to the health & well-being of all patients, but also empowers the doctor to take necessary actions in pursuit of improved healthcare.


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FOLLO Platforms was established in 2020 when the three founders from Technology, Medical and Business backgrounds joined forces to develop an exemplary PAAS platform that provides an host of solutions across different industries. Within the first year of its emergence, FOLLO has set its foot in the healthcare industry with its AI-based Care-Continuity MedTech platform - Dr.follo

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